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The next Wall of Honour ceremony will take place on Sunday 18th October 2015 at the RSM in the afternoon. Invitations will be sent to guests this week by email. Guests wishing to attend the ceremony must be registered in advance.

Posted by RSM staff


I am very grateful to my teachers in Oncology, Professor Gordon Hamilton Fairley, UK and Professor L. A. Leone, USA.

Professor Gordon Hamilton Fairley kindly arranged for me to be a member in the RSM 42 years ago.

My father is a proud member of the RSM for over 40 years and he is extremely grateful to Professor Gordon Hamilton Fairley who introduced him to the Royal Society. He lived and worked in London during the 1970s where he also married my mother Eufrosini in London and raised me and my sister Danaie. We are all very proud of his achievements and the fact that his name will be inscribed in the Wall of Honour situated in the Guy – Whittle Atrium at The Royal Society of Medicine.

Posted by Mr. John Lionis

Dr Lionis created an MD thesis in Hodgkin’s Disease stage IV.B (Oncology Unit, St Bartholomew’s Hospital under Professor Gordon Hamilton – Fairley). The manuscript is stored in the Library of St John’s College University of Cambridge, England (Special Collections Librarian), since August 21, 2011.
Dr. Lionis worked over 45 years in the oncology field and covered Cancer Therapy Method: Prolonged, Low Dose, Combination Persistent and Non Stop, Quadruple Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy Regimens, Less Side Effects, Better Results, Better Quality of Life. This has been Presented in the World Forum Federation (ABI / USA and IBA Cambridge, England), in Washington DC, USA, July 2007, in St. Catherine’s College, University of OXFORD, ENGLAND in August 2008, in St. John’s College Cambridge England, August 2010, in San Francisco California USA, June 2011 and St. Catherine’s College University of Oxford England, August 2012, (Certificates have been issued).

Posted by: Mr. Fotis Alevizos, Medical Secretary and Assistant to Dr Lionis.

Medical Oncologist, Redhill Group; General Medical Oncologist, Redhill General Hospital and Crawley Hospital (Dr. Wishert and Dr. Martin) 1970 – 1971 (Hospital Group). Registrar in Geriatric Medicine St. Thomas’s Hospital London, 1971 – 1973 (Dr. T. C. PICTON WILLIAMS). Also Registrar to Dr. H. J. ANDERSON, Chest, Oncology unit St. Thomas’s Hospital London, 1971 – 1973(Hospital Group). Medical registrar Department of Geriatrics, St. Mary’s Hospital Colchester (Dr. Wilson) England 1974. Clinical Assistant Radiotherapy and Oncology Essex County Hospital Colchester England (R. D. S. Prof. RHYS – LEWIS & Dr. DONALD GAMBLE) (Hospital Group). Senior Registrar, Medical Oncology unit St. Bartholomew’s Hospital 1974 – 1975 (Director Prof. Gordon HAMILTON – FAIRLEY). Also Pediatric Oncology under Prof. J. S. MALPAS 1974 – 1975 and Medical Oncology Royal Marsden Hospital Sutton Surrey under Prof. PHILIP BONDY. Scientific Oncology Advisor Radiotherapy and Surgical Dpt. At ARETEION University Hospital Athens Gr., Surgical Dpt. 1976 – 1977. Collaboration, constant advise and help (cancer treatment and research from Prof. of Biology, and Oncology, L. A. LEONE, RHODE ISLAND Hospital Oncology Unit USA, 1975 – 1984 (Personal Communication). Visited the unit twice, in 1980 and in spring 1981. Private practice ever since in Medicine and Medical Oncology to present. Internal Medicine ATHENS Ministry of Health, (1973) International Society of Hematology, (1974 to present) British Association for Cancer Research, (1974 to present) CREATIVE WORKS, Laboratory Expert in Pharmacotechnology and Cosmetology. M. D. Thesis « Hodgkin’s Disease stage IV.B» (Created in Oncology unit, St Bartholomew Hospital under Prof. HAMILTON – FAIRLEY (original copy in my hands, never presented because of Professor’s death).

Comment: This Manuscript is known now, to reside forever in the Library of St. John’s College University of Cambridge, England, and this is the only Manuscript in Hodgkin’s Disease STAGE IVB Universally up to now. Every aspect has been covered and it is difficult to be found another cause of approach in this difficult disease as the most of the work has been done. The investigation is continued.

Hon. Savvas J. Lionis
Has Presented a gift of his work to the
Special Collections Librarian
Chapel Court
University of Cambridge, England
August 21, 2011

The Gift was Given on the 21th August 2010, but the date on the appropriate Certificate Given to Dr. Lionis by St. John’s College, is the 21th August 2011, to count on the date of Celebration of 500 years (1511 – 2011) of Cambridge University.