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Personal Research with pharmacists, chemists, and dermatologists.
Experience acquainted through personal research, mainly abroad, in medical cosmetics with the study of relevant essays and scripts.
Practical experience, especially of anti – geriatrics, ended up to the creation of 350 conscripts of body and face cosmetics, 349 of them intact.
The 350th was malicious stolen in July 2007 but was graciously spared, due to the variety and plethora of the remaining 349 recipes.
I comprehended eventually the English, Canadian and American Pharmacopoeia, which helped me to complete my recipes and experience, with over 40 years of clinical experiments, so as my hobby and interest at Cosmetology would render the creation of a company with 2 distincs titles:
So Natural Dr Lionis Cosmetics
& So Natural One Dr Lionis Parfumes and Creams.








Website: www.sonatural.gr