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Calendar 2008

15. Sep.2008

Full presentation, maybe the first complete study in Preventive Oncology at the World Forum, Oxford, St. Catherlne’s College, University of Oxford, England in August 2008 with subject: Preventive Oncology in relation to prolonged and in some cases non stop combination cancer chemotherapy. A different approach in the management of cancer. Own views after 36 years experience in my practice in Medical Oncology.

31. Aug.2008

Presentation, in August 2008, from So Natural Dr. Lionis Cosmetics of Kaymaki Polis Ladies, Innovative Super Anti – Wrinkie & Anti – Aging Cream & Rich Hydrating & Nourishing creams at the International Gallery of the World Forum 2008, Oxford, England.

01. Aug.2008

Subject presented au Forum mondiale de Juliet 2007 a Washington DC, Etats-Unis: «Prolonged Combination cancer chemotherapy with low dose chemotherapy regiments, less side effects, better results, better quality of life as follows: 1. Induction therapy 6 (six) courses of chemotherapy regimen every three weeks 2. Continuous Chemotherapy (way of therapy presented in details, presentation of the First 5 years, preliminary report (2001 – 2005), with SUCCESFUL RESULTS and the relevant investigation is completed on the January 31st 2010».

26. Jul.2008

Also in July 2007 the company So Natural and the first 3 creams were presented World Forum 2007, Washington DC (corresponding certifications).

05. May.2008

Welcome to our new website. From our site you can view our new beauty and care products.

14. Apr.2008

The Royal Society of Medicine suggested to de prepared and studied a similar program that interests the National Health System of Great Britain that will be ready in about 6 months and will be presented through the Royal Society (Oncology Section). Partial presentation was submitted tidied ‘‘Preventive Oncology).